We'd love to walk you through JECIS & JIM, the perhaps most modern E-Commerce platform available!
Please don't hesitate to get in touch and we will show you how you can build a commerce driven, compelling Commerce Experience with your favorite CMS solution!

With JECIS, E-Commerce is now content-centric, driven by Marketers, not Engineers!

Available CMS Solutions

JECIS is an API distributed as a JAR file and that can be copied into the /libs folder of your CMS solution.

JIM is the browser-based User Interface to manage your Commerce content. It is currently available for the following CMS solutions: 

  Adobe Experience Manager AEM
  Magnolia CMS
  Jahia DX

If you are using another JCR-based CMS, please use this form to let us now. We are currently working on adapting JIM for other CMS sollutions.