Traditional E-Commerce solutions are built on RDBMS systems and come with a powerful engine to manage product catalogs. But when it comes to building a compelling Web experience, you will face many tidious and costly processes.
On the other side, there are sophisticated CMS solutions, based on world leading JCR Content Repository technology, which allow authors and marketers to control the content and build exciting user experiences.

Wouldn't it be mouth-watering, if your CMS solution had the capabilities of a sophisticated E-Commerce platfrom? Imagine creating components that mingle product data, ordering capabilities and more, directly into your Web experience.

JECIS, together with JIM, is precisely that perfect solution! In fact, with JECIS being an API based on the JCR Content Repository, you can simply drop JECIS into your JCR compliant CMS and have modern E-Commerce at your finger-tips!

JECIS - Your Site is Your Store!

Best of Both Worlds!


With JECIS  you add the same functionality as a full-blown E-Commerce "engine" to your CMS solution. JECIS gives you the API that templates and components can rely on, from product display to ordering and payment.
And you don't have to build a product management app! JIM, the browser-based Web app, is your PIM. JIM runs as a Web app or, if you have Adobe AEM, Magnolia or Jahia, you can install JIM as a module that uses the CMS templates and components. The big advantage of JECIS over any E-Commerce solution:

  • Baked into your CMS
  • No Integration to an E-Commerce solution required
  • No complex "Engine", JECIS is an API
  • JIM - a browser based "PIM"
  • Manage multiple Stores
  • Content as a Service (CaaS)
  • No new language to learn
  • Inherits all JCR Services
  • Scalable at any given time
  • Take advantage of all CMS Features

Use Your CMS!


JECIS is an API, a comprehensive one! All you need to do is drop the JECIS JAR file into the /libs folder of your JCR-based CMS and you have access to the wide world of E-Commerce!
When creating Templates and Components you can use the JECIS API in the same way you use the JCR API. In fact, you can also just use the JCR API to manage nodes and properties.  .

CMS Software Stack

Your Site is Your Store!


With JECIS it's easy to mingle E-Commerce content into your Web experience. In fact, it's the same development process as your team is familiar with. No learning of new languages or heavy fights with E-Commerce integration challenges. All you need to consider, is to manage commerce content like "re-usable" content.

JIM — Use JIM to create and manage all your commerce content, from stores, products, shipping to payments and statistics.

►  Components — Create components the same way you are used to. Use scripts to manage both, page and commerce content.

►  Functionality It's common to separate functionality from the component presentation. Don't change that habbit! Create Java classes, OSGi bundles, Model classes or tag libraries as you always did, except that you will want to use the JECIS API instead of the JCR API for commerce content.

First JCR Commerce Solution

JECIS is the JCR (JSR 283) compliant E-Commerce solution that consists of the JECIS API and JIM, a browser-based commerce management tool. JECIS is used to create the commerce content, like stores, products, and more, but also used to distribute content and functionality to any Web experience, typically using templates and components.

JECIS is a commercial product. It's use is subscription based. Within the yearly subscription is included:
►   JECIS solution, including JIM for either AEM, Magnolia or Jahia for one server
►   Unlimited support (SLA-0)

If you are using another JCR-bases CMS than Adobe AEM, Magnolia or Jahia, don't hesitate to contact us. We are currently in the process of updating JIM to other CMS solutions.